Modern gentlemen, casual tailoring

From my perspective – as someone who has been in the tailoring business for many years – men who still want to invest in quality, service and a proper tailor, became much more aware and connaisseurs in their own way. This small group of professionals seeks out craftsmanship, knowledge and a flexibel personal service. For sure the “suits” business was much bigger 20 years ago in a very mediocre way, but looking back on the 90’s – 00’s you looked or completely standardized, or you had to be the skinny type, not able to sit down during yet another hipster soirée.

The even more interesting evolution of the casual Friday effect and the fast growing casual market, was the birth of a completely new era of tailoring. Still today the casual tailoring isn’t in relation to the ready to wear market, but we are on it, and we are doing fine! Even for myself coming from the classic suit side of tailoring, these new products, possibilities and clients are very inspiring.

With our small but devoted tailoring business “SCHAAP” we have been focusing on these changes since day one. At this point our constant research and development with very different partners, results in a very broad range of premium casual products. We also decided to approach these new products with the same intensity and devotion as our knowledge for high end suits.

Do we believe this is the future for tailoring? 

Yes, we do, in combination with premium suit manufactures for the demanding professionals who do not want any standard “tailored” suit, but want to build a long term relationship based on quality, respect and transparency.


What’s the difference with ready to wear casual products?

We all get often blinded by name tags, prices and hypes. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of brands creating beautiful casual wear with an authentic story and quality aim first, but again no surprise, most aren’t.

I’v seen for myself now what the possibilities are  and how happy and diverse our clientele became. The fun and sartorial adventure on a complete different level in creating new originals, together with our dear customers. Being able to finally help them out, in their search for the perfect denim, Safari shirt in fine cotton or a Belgian Linnen/wol fabric. For those in search of exclusivity a soft modern cashmere/silk polo is a true must.

Even better are that the prices for quality casual tailoring are very competitive with the overall market. It’s just a matter of time and word of mouth before most men discover that almost their whole wardrobe can be curated by their personal tailor.

Next to the extensive personalization of all garments and making them fit to each and everyones’s body type and the power of relying also on your experienced tailor, there is the possibility of writing your own modern sartorial story and in the meantime build up a life long relationship.

More new and exciting stuff is coming up for FW20, so stay tunend, dress well and spread the word.


Koen & Ruben